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ASYS Group's 20 Year Anniversary at Apex a Smashing Success

Mar 09, 2012

EKRA XACT 4 Screen- and Stencil Printer

EKRA XACT 4 Screen- and Stencil Printer

ASYS Group started their 20 Year Celebration of Transforming Ideas Into Solutions at the Apex Show with new product introductions and trip giveaways to visit the company’s headquarters in Germany for their Technology Days in November. ASYS congratulates the three lucky winners of the Daily Trip Giveaway to Germany.

The unveiling of the new XACT 4 printer was received with great customer enthusiasm. Launching from EKRA’s tradition of providing the most reliable and capable printers available on the market, the XACT 4’s expanded print format, best in class vision, iPAG Integrated Paste and Glue Dispensing System and newly added Closed-Loop operation with SPI machines provide unmatched value without compromise. ASYS demonstrated Closed-Loop operation with Koh-Young’s SPI and the associated benefits of tighter print process control as well as cycle time improvements.

The X5 Prof printer was shown in its clear plexiglass case, giving visitors a clear view of the latest EKRA technology contained in the machine; such as the iROCS (Rapidly Oscillating Cleaning System), the Dual iPAG (Integrated Paste and Glue Dispensers), iQUESS (Quick Exchange Squeegee System) as well as the overall quality of the build of the machine and resulting 8 sec cycle time. The EKRA Simplex™ touch screen interface allows for quick and easy set-up and programming of this high-end printer.

The INSIGNUM 2000 and INSIGNUM 3000 Laser Markers were also shown and grabbed show attendee’s attention with their ability to mark multi-up boards at high speeds with Text, Barcodes and DMC Codes, all on the surface of the solder mask. The combination of high label cost and periodic occurences of labels falling off make for a straight forward ROI calculation, with a typical payback period of 1 year.

On the depaneling side, ASYS exhibited the DIVISIO 2000 ERGO Router, with the combination quick-exchange router/saw head, highly precise rotary table and dynamic linear motors. The machine is easily reconfigured from routing tabs to cutting v-scored boards in 5min time, all while maintaining ± 0.12 mm accuracy without vision system.

The VEGO handling machines rounded out the equipment offering. ASYS showed Bare Board Off-Loaders, Magazine Loaders, LIFO buffers as well as a new FIFO SPI buffer. The VEGO Dynamic Series was shown with a new user interface with color touchscreens.

ASYS Group is a provider of high quality manufacturing equipment for the Electronic, Hybrid and Photovoltaic industries. The product range includes SMD Board Handling, Marking Systems (Laser/Label/Inkjet), Depaneling Systems (In-/Offline), Final Assembly and EKRA Screen Printers for the SMT, Semi-Pack, Solar, and Hybrid markets. Transforming Ideas into Solutions.

Please contact us to learn more about ASYS and EKRA products via phone (+1) 770 246 9706, mail at 140 Satellite Boulevard NE, Suite B1, Suwanee, GA 30024, or at on the web.

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