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1 Click SMT Picks up Three Awards at SMTAI

Nov 05, 2021

1 Click SMT Technology Co., ltd is pleased to announce that it received three 2021 Mexico Technology Awards in the categories of Wave Soldering for its new E-THERM NRW Series Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine, Selective Soldering for its MAS-i4 Selective Soldering Machine, and Curing for its IR Series Curing Oven. The awards were announced during a ceremony that took place Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 during SMTA International in Minneapolis, MN.

The NRW Series features an automatic solder pot (in/out & up/down), a spray nozzle cleaning system, and even spray for minimized overlapping. The heavy-duty conveyor rail has a robust conveyor finger. Additionally, the system has five individual preheating zones.

The NRW Series provides the quickest and safest way to switch between leaded and lead-free processes. The Titanium soldering pot is 100 percent capable of lead-free application.

Meanwhile, with the option to combine selective fluxing built in to the machine, this technology will save 80-90 percent of flux. This adds up to thousands of dollars in flux material savings per year and an environmentally friendly solution. This is the biggest innovation in the market compared with traditional wave solder systems.

The MAS-i4 is the latest generation selective soldering machine with the highest flexibility and output. The system features an XY servo table for two independent fluxer nozzles (fluxer 1 and fluxer 2). The distance between the fluxers is automatically adjusted by servo motors, as programmed by the software.

Customers can choose to use only one fluxer for all boards so it can accommodate two flux types in one machine, or they can choose to use two fluxers with the same flux. For preheating, the MAS-i4 is equipped with a top convection preheating zone and bottom IR preheating zone. The top preheating zone is above the soldering section for better solder fill up.

For the soldering section, MAS-i4 has dual individual solder pots in each Z axis. Each solder pot has dual individual selective wave tunnels. That means if a customer is looking for maximum production output, they can use the carrier for four pieces of the same board and they will be soldered at the same time. This means 4X the production compared to most competitor systems. Or, two nozzles can used – alarge nozzle and two small nozzles to solder the same board with best flexibility.  

The IR Series In-line Curing Machine is ideal for high-volume curing production. The systems can be integrated easily with different conformal coating machines. 

The key technology is the IR panel that can meet emissivity ranges between 0.9 and 0.95. This is achieved by the use of several advanced materials including ceramics and nano-particles, providing an excellent heat to radiation conversion ratio. The heat spreader features more thermal mass for a longer and more even emission. Improved micro-roughness greatly suppresses convection, further reducing heat-loss.

IR panel can achieve a more uniform temperature than IR tube. Meanwhile, when setting temperature is the same, the PCB under the IR Panel achieves a higher temperature than with IR tube. This makes the IR panel more efficient. Thesystem offers a 30-50 percent reduction in electrical power compared to traditional IR tubes.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months. For more information, visit

1 Click SMT manufactures selective soldering, wave soldering and PCB handling equipment under the Sasinno brand. The brand stands for“Smart and Steady Innovation.” For other equipment, such as AOI, reflow ovens, conformal coating, dispensing, printers, SPI, odd insertion, etc, 1 Click SMT has an experienced engineering team to source these machines and qualify them.

1 Click SMT has established a strong worldwide distribution channel.The company has well-trained engineers to support its customers in any location.

1 Click SMT makes it easy for customers with “1 CLICK”.  

For more information, visit

For more selective soldering & turkey THT line solution details, visit

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