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  • Meet Team WittcoSales at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Meet Team WittcoSales at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

May 05, 2022

WittcoSales, Inc. today announced plans to exhibit at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS) 2022, scheduled to take place May 4-5, 2022 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. Team WittcoSales will discuss high-quality capital equipment and electronics consumables for the always-changing technology of the industry in Booths 413 and 415.

WittcoSales takes pride in its long-term relationships with its customers and extensive history of service to the electronics industry. The company will represent equipment from Surfx Technologies, Thermaltronics, Pillarhouse, Insituware, Mycronic, EVS International, QA Technology Company, ChemCubed, Mycronic, FKN Systek, SMT Tooling and more.

Team WittcoSales provides first-class representation in the Southern California, Southern Nevada, Tijuana, Mexicali and Baja California areas. WittcoSales takes pride in providing its customers with knowledge and ongoing support that meets their needs. For more information, visit

WittcoSales offers a full range of state-of-the-art capital equipment and electronic consumables used in SMT and microelectronics processes. For more than 30 years, the firm has provided expert service and the most advanced electronic solutions, from single machines to full lines. WittcoSales has customers within the medical, industrial and aerospace electronics industries, including Qualcomm, Boeing, Raytheon, Skyworks and General Atomics.

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  • Meet Team WittcoSales at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show
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