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New Lower Temperature Heat Shrink Dual Wall FEP/THV Fluoropolymer Tubing

May 08, 2019

Heat Shrink Dual Wall FEP/THV Tubing

Dual Shrink FEP THV Tubing

Dual Shrink FEP/THV is a NEW Dual Wall Fluoropolymer product that has been modified to have a low shrink temperature and still provide all the excellent benefits of Fluoropolymers. Dual Shrink FEP/THV is a chemically resistant Fluoropolymer Tube that when shrunk creates a liquid tight seal, encapsulating parts within an almost impenetrable chemically inert wall of FEP and THV Tubing.

Just like Dual Wall PTFE/FEP, Dual Shrink FEP/THV is a two-layer system that provides protection from the elements and has superior electrical insulation properties, yet requires less temperature to activate. Dual Wall PTFE / FEP shrinks at a temperature of approx. 624°F which can be harmful to delicate internal electrical components. Dual Shrink FEP/THV shrinks at a temperature of about 450°F which is much easier to achieve and making the product a much user-friendly option to the Heat Shrink Dual Wall PTFE/FEP.

Dual Shrink FEP/THV is produced with an outer jacket of FEP Tubing which helps contain and mold the melting THV inner liner. This outer jacket of FEP also helps increase the overall working temperature of THV from 302°F to around 350°F.  THV material also allows for the ends of wires to remain flexible when compared to Dual Wall PTFE/FEP which leaves wires rigid.

Dual Shrink FEP/THV can be used in two different set ups. Either as a two-piece system for extra protection or as a single tube which provides better optical appearance and flexibility. Unlike Dual Wall PTFE/FEP the outer layer of FEP on the Dual Shrink FEP/THV does not bond to the inner layer after shrinking so it can easily be peeled away leaving a perfectly optically clear encapsulated part.

Polymers manufactured with Tetrafluoroethylene, Hexafluoropropylene and Vinylidene Fluoride’s or THV’s are produced through a melt-processible procedure that produces an extremely flexible and almost perfect optically clear tube. These resins and tubes are excellent for use in Automotive applications, Chemical Processing, Fiber Optics Coverings and Food Industry. THV Fluoropolymers are produced using FDA Compliant resins and meet FDA 21.CFR.177.2660 specifications.

Dual Wall FEP/THV or Dual Shrink FEP is designed to provide a tight, moisture-proof bond over wires, cables, connectors, splices, terminals. Dual Wall material can also be used as an end cap for wires.

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