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  • Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility to Enhance and Continue Domestic Growth

Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility to Enhance and Continue Domestic Growth

Jun 21, 2022

Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility to Enhance and Continue Domestic Growth

Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility to Enhance and Continue Domestic Growth

Pillarhouse International is delighted to confirm the successful opening of our new Pillarhouse China facility, following a relocation from the central Xiangcheng District of Suzhou to Weixi Road, Suzhou Industrial Park in the north of the city.

Remaining within Suzhou demonstrates Pillarhouse International’s continued commitment to the city where we have built our home in China for almost 20 years.

Darren Harvey, General Manager of Pillarhouse China stated, “We are very happy to finally welcome our customers to our brand new, state of the art facility, once again in Suzhou. This multi-purpose site will enable us to build on the success we have enjoyed in the Chinese market ever since our arrival over 15 years ago.”

Pillarhouse China was established in 2005 to provide customers in China and Taiwan world-leading selective soldering solutions, and to ensure Pillarhouse International’s dedication to developing a truly global identity.

Eastern Region Sales Manager Allan Jiang stated, “When Pillarhouse first looked into coming to China back in the 2000’s, our long-term goal was to one day open a first-class facility as impressive as our new site on Weixi Road, Suzhou Industrial Park. We’re looking forward to this new location helping us maintain the close business relationships we have made and enabling us to attract new customers looking for the best selective soldering equipment.”

Reflecting upon the journey that Pillarhouse China has undergone, South China & Taiwan Sales Manager Penny Zhang said, “Our primary role when we set up in the Xiangcheng district of Suzhou a decade ago, was to serve local customers and accumulate experience of the region to a point where we could develop into a fully functional sales team – and that is exactly what we did. Now we have expanded out to cover four major cities in each Chinese region – Dalian in the north, Suzhou in the east, Guangzhou in the south, and Chengdu in the west. We also have brilliant sales representatives in Taiwan. We are a strong, widespread operation.”

The new 5,600 square meter site will allow Pillarhouse China to vastly increase manufacturing and production capabilities. With two main buildings, the factory has full production lines, machine testing and finishing rooms, multifunctional meeting rooms, comprehensive stores and demo spaces, and a full Quality Assurance Department. This all-encompassing space will allow Pillarhouse China to accommodate visitors on business and hospitality, with offices, kitchens, and bathrooms rounding off the premises.

After Pillarhouse China gained a High Technology Certificate from the Chinese government in 2020, this relocation will help to continue the development of new technologies in the rapidly growing selective soldering industry, across both Pillarhouse’s China and UK offices.

“Thanks to the certificate, our products and services now fall within standards of excellence stipulated by Chinese manufacturing authorities. Our new location allows us to further embellish this status by setting up a Development Department to maintain these high standards. Only 25% of foreign companies in China have obtained this certificate and we are extremely proud of this verification”, said Darren Harvey.

Despite the need to continue growth and progression, leaving the factory in the Xiangcheng district of Suzhou was no easy decision, and it was only after extensive consideration that Darren Harvey decided to take Pillarhouse China’s facilities to the next level.

“While the old factory served us tremendously well for many years, the scale of our ambition compelled us to make this move. Suzhou Industrial Park is a hub for international economic and technological cooperation, acting as the talent pool and financial centre for the city. We simply could not miss the opportunity to be there.”

Darren Harvey continued by saying, “Our previous location was a huge factor in the growth and evolution of Pillarhouse China, but the time was right to target a facility with more flexibility and a greater scope of possibilities. We are extremely motivated at Pillarhouse China, and this investment shows our customers and the Chinese market that we are here to stay.”

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