Live Online Training - IPC-A-610 (CIT) Recert.


IPC-A-610 Trainer (CIT) Recert.

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We are now presenting certification training online at the CIT, CSE, and CIS levels. If you are seeking initial certification or are a returning student looking to recertify, please join us as we provide remote training of these IPC certification courses.

IPC CIT and CSE Certifications

We will announce dates via email as well as posting them to our website. Contact the Registrar at 610.362.1295 for details.

Please note that the price of the above listed courses does not include the standard. The standard is required for the class as a reference document and can be purchased separately from the ACI Technologies online store here. Also, if you need to purchase the standard for the class be sure to do so at least 10 business days before the class is to begin in order to allow for shipping time.

IPC CIS Certification

For CIS classes please contact ACI Technologies for times and dates, as the Specialist CIS courses are Modular and can be custom tailored to your company’s needs (i.e. all or just some of the modules).

Please note that ACI Technologies does not provide copies of the standard remotely for CIS classes. Your company must provide students with access to a clean (unmarked) copy of the standard for use as a reference during the course. Standards may be purchased separately from the ACI Technologies online store.


Contact us by phone at 610.362.1295 or via email to


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