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Interested in pin-in-paste process with standard ROHS connectors

kumarb  7/06/2022 6 posts

Hi. Alpha metals recently informed us of: Alpha OM-565 low temp solder which they note is popular with pin-in-paste process of through hole parts so that we can solder inside of our SMT oven (1809EXL). We commonly use ROHS DSUB connectors (9 to 78 pins) for our PCBAs. Any comments on if such (standard) through hole connectors can support the 175 peak temp required to melt this solder paste ? We will source a jar and attempt to use but ideally prefer to use our existing ROHS inventory of th

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K.A.V. Systems Engineering s.r.l. - K.A.V. Systems Engineering s.r.l. specializes in the reconditioning, maintenance and installation of used equipment for production lines of electronic boards. Our team has more than 35 years of experience on these systems.

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