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Ekra X6 vs. MPM Momentum Screen Printer

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Ekra X6 vs. MPM Momentum Screen Printer | 9 May, 2022

Currently we have a line running a MPM Accuflex. We are working on setting up a second production line and are in need of a new stencil printer. The two machines available within budget are a MPM Momentum and a Ekra X6. We have been happy with the MPM Accuflex, however we are not married to the platform.

Which is the better machine?

How difficult different is the Ekra to program vs. the MPM Momentum?

Thank you in advance.

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Ekra X6 vs. MPM Momentum Screen Printer | 10 May, 2022

We have an Ekra X4 that we purchased ages ago but the line was idle due to numerous SMT supplier faults including defective used feeders and other issues.

Now all is working well and we may consider to upgrade to a current Yamaha or Juki RX-8. Doing our homework for the best value.

Yamaha (USA / Canada) has been amazing on support. Ekra is excellent with patience to help us as we still learn. Fairly easy to deploy. We did buy the '2.5D' package that we do not use. Using GC-10 paste, it is a working formula that pushes out quality PCBs for us.

On the printer shopping...consider to review GKG - they are winning awards and see them on many shop floors - at least in Asia: Juki is selling their printers in the USA.

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Ekra X6 vs. MPM Momentum Screen Printer | 25 May, 2022

We are using EKRA E5 and X5. Both of them are rock-solid and easy-to-use machines. Software of these EKRAs are really user-friendly. If you make the yearly maintenance and preventive maintenance they will work for years. I know a factory where are around 25-30 unit (over 20 years old) and can print under 30um accuracy. There are only one point which I don't really like, vet stencil cleaner + vacuum function - vacuum is not to strong and dispenser unit is not realible on our machines.

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