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A Manufacturer of High Quality, Precision, Automated Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems, SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Lead Forming machines for through-hole component preparation.

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA


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Benchtop Dispense Robots

Benchtop Dispense Robots


Benchtop Dispense Robots



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GPD Global

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Benchtop Dispense Robots Description:

Full-featured and compact benchtop dispense system robot offering accurate and repeatable dispense results!

A benchtop dispense system does not mean "no features". The Catalina benchtop dispense system is a full-featured platform with these standard features: automatic vision, laser surface sensing, and nozzle alignment.

Our semi-automatic dispensing robot provides you with accurate and repeatable dispense results. Applications using conductive adhesives, solder pastes, glues, gasketing, and more benefit from the powerful system features:

  • Easy to learn, computer-based software with Windows operating system.
  • Automatic alignment and positioning with high resolution camera.
  • Create dispense paths using camera teach or on-screen graphic editing.
  • Import DXF files for complex path programming.j
  • I/O ports provide the flexibility to add advanced features/equipment.

Benchtop Dispense System Models

  • Catalina Benchtop Dispense Robot System - High repeatability with contact probe or non-contact laser surface sensing.
  • Catalina TR Benchtop Dispense Robot System - Dispense with Tilt and Rotate function.
  • Catalina Mini Dispense Robot System - For dispensing on small substrates. Work area: 200 mm x 200 mm (7.9" x 7.9")

Benchtop Dispense Robot System Standard Features:

  • Automatic Vision - System automatically locates alignment points to account for product shift and rotation.
  • 3D Dispensing - Laser traces the dispense path and measures surface variation, then adapts height of the dispense tip to maintain a consistent gap.
  • Image Alignment - Vision system locates alignment points to account for product rotation.
  • Automatic XYZ Nozzle Calibration - Locates dispense tip in X, Y, Z for accurate fluid placement.
  • Graphic Edit & DXF Support - User-friendly graphic editing to create a dispense path. 2D AutoCAD DXF files are supported.
  • Matrix Dot Dispensing - Easily duplicate a common pattern in a matrix.
  • Fill Area - Multiple types of fill area and dispense patterns. Easy to teach.
  • Dispense | Measure | Vision - The combination of dispensing, measuring, and vision functions can reduce operating time. Distance can be measured between dots, circles, circle diameter, circle center, and stripe width.
  • Laser - Non-contact surface sensing.

Add-On Options

  • FPC - Real time process control for pump(s).
  • Heated Work Table - For heating substrates up to 70° C (158° F).
  • Fluid Level Detect - Notifies operator when fluid level attains set point.

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