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Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers

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A leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating. Products include stand-alone dispensing workstations and fully automated, in-line conveyorized systems with advanced process controls.

Carlsbad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan


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Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers

Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers


Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers



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ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

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Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers Description:

Spectrum II - Solder Paste Dots & Lines

Scalable Fluid Dispensers for Assembly of Semiconductors, MEMS, Storage Devices, and PCBs.

High Speed, High Accuracy, Precision Dispensing System.

The Spectrum II Series is the next evolution of the widely successful Spectrum fluid dispensers from Nordson ASYMTEK; improving upon accuracy and stability in addition to offering new capabilities to meet the demands of leading edge applications.

The new and improved Spectrum II series fluid dispensers continue the Spectrum tradition of maximum flexibility with a highly scalable, small footprint system to maximize your floor space productivity.  Refined design of the motion system improves upon the previous X-Y accuracy capabilities and creates precision Z-axis control; on par with the former Precision Z Axiom series but is significantly faster and in a smaller form factor. New features and upgrade options further expand upon the wide range of applications for the S2-900 series. The Spectrum II series utilizes the same software user interface and dispense applicators and settings of the older Spectrum I series, eliminating the need to retrain existing Spectrum I series users.

New Features

  • Tighter X-Y wet dispense accuracy to ensure consistent, on target fluid dispensing
  • Precision Z-axis control to produce thin line dispensing with minimum gap between the dispense tip and substrate
  • Automatic, self-correcting dual simultaneous valve dispensing option to minimize operator intervention for varying application pitches and work piece skew (see video below)
  • Tilt jetting option for underfill and precision coating in difficult to reach areas (see video below)
  • Red/Green/Blue high brightness LED lighting to illuminate even the most difficult substrates for fiducial capturing
  • Higher accuracy non-contact laser height sensors to ensure precise targeting of the dispense gap
  • Windows 7 OS compatibility with upgraded FluidMove® 7 software

Recommended Applications

  • Electromechanical Device Assembly
    • MEMS sealing and packaging
    • Hard disk drive assembly
  • Semiconductor Packaging
    • 1st and 2nd level underfill on flip chip and CSP
    • 3D packaging underfill
  • SMT and PCB Assembly
    • Low temperature solder paste on smartphone motherboard
    • Package on Package (PoP) underfill
  • LED Assembly
    • Silicone-phosphor cavity encapsulation

Optional Features and Accessories

  • MH-900 Series material handlers
  • Dual lane configurationDual Valve dispensing: dual action and dual simultaneous capability
  • Single-axis tilt jetting
  • Pre- and post-queue stations with or without heating
  • Programmable fluid valve pressure
  • Calibrated Process Jetting® (CPJ) or Mass Flow Calibration (MFC)
  • Large or small spot size laser height sensors
  • Exterior bulk fluid reservoir
  • Fids-on-the-Fly™ for high speed fiducial capturing
  • SECS/GEM network interface support
  • Cleanroom compatibility with laminar downflow HEPA filtration
  • Off-axis vision system lighting for highly reflective surfaces
  • System ventilation for flux and volatile organic compound dispensing

Read our white paper: Making Sense of Accuracy, Repeatability and Specification for Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

View Spectrum II S2-900 Series Fluid Dispensers

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