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SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator

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A leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating. Products include stand-alone dispensing workstations and fully automated, in-line conveyorized systems with advanced process controls.

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SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator

SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator


SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator


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ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

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SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator Description:

4-Position Tilt Accessory for the SC-300 Conformal Coating Applicator

The SC-300 Swirl Coat® applicator offers three modes of operation - bead, monofilament and swirl. Ideal for conformal coating applications, the SC-300 handles a wide range of materials, varying in viscosity from 30 to 3500 mPa-sec (30 to 3500 centipoise).

The SC-300 is designed for use with solvent-less coatings, supporting environmentally responsible practices.

The SC-300 applicator is easy to maintain and offers several key features to make ownership simple. The zero-cavity nozzle tip prevents material build-up during operation; it also allows for cleaning without disassembly. There are minimum wetted parts to replace or clean. The use of advanced materials, smooth internal surfaces and exposed splines makes them easier to clean. In addition, the SC-300 requires no special adjustment during re-assembly -- coating performance and fluid sealing are not adjustment dependent. Short pot-life materials are easier to handle with this applicator.

For a broader selection of spray patterns, one of three airflow extensions can be fitted onto the main assembly. The airflow extensions along with the three spray modes provide conformal coating patterns to fit your application.

The high flow rate produces film builds quickly, while allowing for fine control. The fluid passage provides uniform fluid flow distribution. The air and fluid chamber are co-located so that there is rapid response to changes in operation - there are no long air-lines to delay response or to fail.

An optional Four-Position Tilt Accessory is available to allow coating access to vertical sides of components.

  • Three modes of operation - bead, monofilament, and swirl - for flexibility and control
  • High flow rate -- fast, and fine control of film thickness
  • Easy access design tip for cleaning; no disassembly required
  • Simple maintenance; minimum wetted parts are easy to disassemble and remove
  • Easier handling of short pot-life materials; true zero-cavity design holds no fluid at the tip after coating
  • Four-Position Tilt Accessory available as an option
  • Ideal for solvent-less coatings

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