Food Cooker Meat Probe

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Professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistor, temperature sensor pressure Sensors. Thermistors for overload over-current protect, inrush current limit, temperature sense measurement compensation control, protect.

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Food Cooker Meat Probe

Food Cooker Meat Probe


Food Cooker Meat Probe


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Amwei Thermistor Sensor


Food Cooker Meat Probe Description:

Meat probe is used to measure the temperature of cooking food. Application includes home appliance and microwave oven, etc.

Meat probe features:

Stainless steel housing with sharpen tip for easily penetration into the food.
Optional for straight stainless steel tube, or bending at requested position.
copper braided shield cable.
Phone plug termination.
Reliable operation in hot, damp and fatty air.

 Resistance @200C   Resistance @25C    Voltage Withstanding   Insulation Resistance    Operating Temperature 
1K ohm 231K ohm 1500V/2 seconds Voltage 500VDC,
≥100M ohm

Note: Alternative ratings on resistance, Beta value and cable length upon request.

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