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BPM Microsystems, Inc.

Exceptional electronic products start with exceptional programming. BPM Microsystems is the leading global supplier of automated and manual programming systems, serving the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Houston, Texas, USA

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BPM Microsystems, Inc.

1710 Description:

7th Gen Manual Programmer


The 1710 manual universal device programmer is manufactured for design engineering and low volume production. It has the versatility to program memories, microcontrollers, E/EPROMs, FPGAs, PLDs and more with any manual or automated socket module, including standard, high-speed FX™, and FX4™ socket modules. FX4™ socket modules are designed specifically for the 7th Generation series of programmers and have the capability of programming four devices simultaneously, enabling users to achieve greater productivity. With existing support for tens of thousands of devices and support for new devices added each day, the 1710 is certain to meet your device programming needs.


  • Programs microcontrollers, memories, E/EPROMs, flash EPROMs, PLDs, CPLDs, FPGAs, antifuse FPGAs, and more

  • Existing support for hundreds of device packages and thousands of socket modules

  • Supports all device packages including, but not limited to, DIP, SDIP, PLCC, TSOP, SSOP, PCMCIA, SOIC, LCC, QFP, PQFP, PGA, SIMM, CSP, BGA, µBGA, TQFP and TSSOP

  • Low voltage support down to 1.5V (Vdd)

  • Uses USB 2.0 communication

  • FX4 socket modules include three separate LEDs per socket to indicate device status

  • A patented solution to guard against passing blank parts

  • BPWin provides intuitive, easy to use interface

  • JobMaster feature for job setup and process control

  • API Option for Job Monitor, Job Control and integration with MES

  • Daily releases for new algorithm additions and updates

  • Optional Lever Socket Actuator

  • No cost lifetime access to BPWin software updates 

  • 1-year hardware warranty

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