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we can supply SMT machines,SMT spare parts,SMT production consumable and AI spare parts at competitive prices ,like feeders,nozzles,filters,servo motors and various boards . for JUKI,SAMSUNG,Panasonic

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Qinyi Electronics Co., Ltd. (QYSMT), which specializes in SMT machines and spare parts. QYSMT about has more than 12 years of experience in the electronics processing equipment industry. Customers all over the world, and win the trust and praise of customers. Long-term customers include BOSCH in Spain and India, DIXION in India, Panasonic in Mexico, Samsung and Cliptechin Brazil.

With the QYSMT industry experience, philosophy and professional team, adhere to the “One-Stop Solution” belief to serve customers in the electronics processing industry, providing customers with cost-effective, high-quality spare parts and equipment with a stable performance from China, saving customers time And cost. truly one-stop solution services.


Through the standard process to ensure that materials, production processes meet the quality standards. Equipments will be strictly tested before Shipment.

All spare parts and equipments with warranty.


Customer’s inquiries will be respond within 2 hours and quotation will be ready within the same day.
Complain emails and phone calls with be responded with 2 hours and solutions will be proposed within 3 days.


Become a trusted partner for customers. To become an international one-stop solution provider for the electronic processing industry.


100% refund and round trip cost for returning will be beard by Seller for any resulting quality problem.

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ML-XC1000 X-Ray Parts Counter

ML-XC1000   Microfocus X-Ray Parts Counter This equipment is mainly used for the rapid counting of the reel type of material in SMT industry. Material types include all RC materials and IC materials. It is based on th...

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ML-XC1000    X-Ray Parts Counter

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