SMD Counter YS-IH88X

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SMD Counter YS-IH88X

SMD Counter YS-IH88X


SMD Counter YS-IH88X


Component Counters / SMD Counters

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SMD Counter YS-IH88X Description:

SMD Counter YS-IH88X

1. Intelligent voice automatically reports the number and language reminder, adjustable volume


2. The disk material without human intervention, expected tail automatically shut down, without

having to press the stop button, automatic material take complete stop without stripping

3. Sends the material due to the number zero, zero overshoot, zero error

4. High-speed stability, time is short, the fastest 15 seconds can be the end point of a feed,

aniseed tray can to 10 seconds

5. Power, down without noise

6. Counting range, the largest expansion of digital reach 16777216, can be used for large reel

SMD and non SMD large capacity trays

7. Speeds of up to 8 speed, select different sizes for easier reel

8. Real-time detection, start-stop ahead of predictable, automatic plate feeding mode motion

prediction residual material number plate, can slow stop

9. Include traditional features, optimize and upgrade

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