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Automatic selective PCB spray conformal coating machine

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Automatic selective PCB spray conformal coating machine

Automatic selective PCB spray conformal coating machine


Automatic selective PCB spray conformal coating machine


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Automatic selective PCB spray conformal coating machine Description:

PCB conformal coating machine:

PCB Conformal coating machine is used to paint conformal coating onto PCB to avoid PCB moisture,sault and static.It can be full panel coating or selective coating.

Technical specification:

Model JW-830
Dimension 1100*1300*1700mm
Platform material T20 mm steel plate chrome plated
Control method Industrial + board
Operation PC
Programming manual
Program storage 1000+
PCB transmission height 920±20mm
Transmission speed 0-5000mm/min
Direction L to R;  R to L
Motor 2 sets of stepping motor
PCB width 50~450mm
Driving method adjust Stepping motor+screw drive
X.Y axis driving Fuji servo motor+screw module drive
X.Y.Z max. speed 800mm/s
X.Y axis precision 0.01mm
Z axis driving method Fuji servo motor+screw module drive
Z axis precision 0.01mm
Valve type 1 conical atomizing valve,
1 needle dispensing valve
PCB components height Max.70mm
Drum capacity A 10L stainless steel inner barrel with

stirring function pressure barrel +

A small cleaning pressure barrel with

stainless steel pressure tank for cleaning

Cleaning function With automatic cleaning function
Lighting With lighting function
Inspection UV inspection light available
Power supply AC220V
Total consumption 1.8KW
Less glue alarm function Optional

Product Features:

1.X, Y, Z,  and three-axis movements enable accurate selective spraying of various PCB boards away from uncoated areas such as connectors.

2.Accurately achieve a variety of circuit board selective area spraying.

3.It can realize multi-track spraying such as spot coating, line spraying and curve spraying, and can complete the spraying process of high-density and complex circuit boards.

4.It can effectively and evenly coat the edge of the device, eliminating the shadowing effect of spraying.

5.The system accuracy is ±0.01 mm.

6.With high speed, high reliability, high stability of the drive and control system.

7.There are three types of precision nozzles available for customers to choose from. The standard equipment also carries two nozzles. This two nozzles can realize automatic switching and cooperation of spraying operations, and can achieve high-density and complex circuit board spraying and dispensing processes.

8.The device is equipped with intelligent automatic widening and narrowing functions (the width of the input board can be adjusted automatically).

9.Programming mode: software program with data input automatic programming; handle manually enter any track automatic programming mode


PCB conformal coating machine

Full conformal coating line:

PCB conformal coating machine


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ShenZhen J-wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005,
mainly specialize in selling SMT peripheralequipment,like:Solder paste printer,Solder paste mixer,
PCB Conveyor,PCB Separator,PCB Loader,SMD Chip counter,Feeder trolley,Feeder calibrator etc.
We also sell used Sony and Mirae chip mounter,Feeders and spare parts;

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