Solder Mask Removal

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Rigid and Flex Circuit Board Laser Processing Services including SMT Stencils, Microvia Drilling, Selective Solder Mask Rework, PCB Rework, Laser Marking, Part Excising or Routing, Cavity / Window / Limited-Depth Skiving.

Hillsboro , Oregon, USA

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Solder Mask Removal

Solder Mask Removal


Solder Mask Removal


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Micron Laser Technology

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MLT provides laser services for selective solder mask removal as a precise and controlled rework option.  No more scrapping or tedius hours to rework selective areas to recover simply unwanted solder mask.  This same process works from many other materials like Kapton, silk screen, parylene, and other films or coatings.

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