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Rigid and Flex Circuit Board Laser Processing Services including SMT Stencils, Microvia Drilling, Selective Solder Mask Rework, PCB Rework, Laser Marking, Part Excising or Routing, Cavity / Window / Limited-Depth Skiving.

Hillsboro , Oregon, USA

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  • Phone (503) 439-9000

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PCB Laser Services

PCB Laser Services


PCB Laser Services



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Micron Laser Technology


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MLT provides rigid and flexible circuit laser services including laser routing (excising), cavity skiving, coverlay/coverfilm routing, microvia drilling, ZIF Contours, Kapton window skives, depaneling, and marking.

With 20 years experience, MLT has processed most every know dielectric, reinforcement, and stackup utilized in PCB designs and manufacturing. 

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