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Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station

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 Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station

 Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station


Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station Description:

 Infrared High Precision BGA Rework Station


1. Adopt high definition human-machine interface,PLC control.

2. Adopted linear slide make X,Y,Z axis can do micro adjustment and rapid positioning; after mounted, no need to move the PCB board in the bottom area.

4. Choose high accurate K type close-loop thermocouple, and PID parameters automatic adjustment system, control temperature precisely through PLC and temperature module, keep the temperature deviation at ±2 degree.

5. V-groove PCB support, with rapid, convenient and accurate positioning.

6. Flexible and removable universal fixture the operator and the protective effects and no damage to the PCB board.

7. Adopted all kinds of BGA nozzles, with 360° rotation, easy for installation and replacement;

8. Adopt adjustable CCD color optical system, with a beam split, zoom in, zoom out and micro-adjust functions, has automatic chromatism resolution and brightness adjustment system.

9. The X, Y axis and R angle with micrometer adjust; alignment accuracy is within ±0.01mm, with high definition HD monitor, avoiding human operation errors completely.

10. There are 8 segments rising temperature and 8 constant temperatures, can store millions of temperature curves, curve analyze,setand modify on the touch screen.

11. 5-10 seconds before finished soldering and desoldering alarm the operators with voice control to prepare the related works. Powerful cross-flow fan cool the PCB board fast after desoldering and soldering.

12. With vacuum pump,Φangle 60°rotation,micrometer precise adjust mounting and nozzle.

13. With CE certification, there is emergency stop switch and automatic cut off protective device.


Total Power (W)


Top heater (W)


Bottom heater

The second heat area 1200w,the third heat area 3900w (plus size area to suit any kinds of PCB board)


AC220V±10%     50/60Hz

Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)

L790×W640×H800 mm


V-groove, PCB support can X,Y axis adjust at any direction, additional with universal fixture

Temperature control

K Sensor, Closed loop

Temperature accuracy

±2 degree

PCB size (mm)

Min 22 x 22

Max 375 x 400

Workbench fine-tuning (mm)

front and back ±15

right and left ±15

Camera magnification

10x-100x times

BGA chip (mm)


Minimum chip spacing (mm)


External Temperature Sensor

1-5 pieces available to choose, optional

Placement Accuracy (mm)


Net weight (kg)


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