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Are you Looking Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in USA? Then PCB Assembly is right place for manufacturing, design, fabrication and assembly of PCBS.

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4pcbassembly.com is a leading electronics solutions manufacturing company with the capability to cater to a wide segment of contract manufacturing services from electronic assembly of Printed Circuit boards to production of complete ready to ship products.

Founded in 1964, 4pcbassembly.com, has over the past 4 decades, partnered with companies across a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, nuclear, RF/wireless, gaming, automotive and consumer electronics. Located out of Santa Ana, California

Our Mission is to build enduring relationships through partnering with companies in an open trusting environment to provide value based on our advanced logistics, production, test, and quality capabilities.

Headquartered in Southern California, 4pcbassembly.com is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9000 Certified company. We are a full service turnkey supplier of custom electronics with the ability to provide full range of expertise from design and prototyping to new product introduction and full rate production. Our team members are trained to IPC J-STD-001 class 2 & 3, and IPC-A-610 class 2 & 3 standards. At 4pcbassembly.com, we make quality the cornerstone of all our activities and strive for continuous improvement initiatives, both internal and external. Our ongoing investments in the latest technology ensure documentation, ECN's and ECR, The Quality Management Systems (QMS), vendor quality tracking as well as customer quality data requirements are as per global benchmarks.

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PCB Prototyping Service

4pcbassembly is the fast PCB manufacturer you need. We offer quick-turn PCB prototypes to turn your prototype boards around fast...


PCB Prototyping Service

Printed Circuit Board Material Management

Our efficient, in-house Material Management team provides total supply management including component purchasing and Just-In-Time inventory management for your assembly a...

Fabrication Services

Printed Circuit Board Material Management

PCB Design and Manufacturing

4pcbassembly have broad experience in offering demanding PCB design with one or more insulating layers containing signal trace with an exact power and ground for the layout has made us one of the kingpins in providing PCB manufacturing and design ser...

Design Services

PCB Design and Manufacturing

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Success Story of PCB Assembly Trend

Aug 04, 2016 | 4pcb assembly

With the onset of 1900’s, the novelty of printed circuits boards got started with a profound concept of constructing an electrical path on an isolated surface of a board. The initial trend of printed circuit board got into a vain to develop and upgrade the radios and gramophones. Gradually the notion of ‘Through Hole Technique’ came into picture to produce a double sided PCB. In mid 1990’s the idea of auto assembly process was introduced by PCB Manufacturer USA. This was a point of modern touch to enhance the fabrication process with automated soldering technique. The research and development picked up a pace for end to end electronic solutions for defense and US army....

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