Americom Seminars, Inc.

Texts & training & consulting are provided by Robert Hanson, MSEE, on High-Speed Digital Design, EMI/EMC, SMT. Also basic electronics courses are offered.

Training Provider

Americom Seminars, Inc. is an electronic training and consulting company.  Robert Hanson, MSEE, is the consultant and instructor for courses that focuses on advanced engineering such as a high-speed digital design and EMI/EMC issues.  He also trains courses in Surface Mount Technology, and the Basics of Electronics.  Mr. Hanson has trained throughout the United States, and also in Mexico, India, South Africa, Europe, and Asia.  He has taught and continues to teach at various educational institutions (currently for UCLA) for their continuing engineering education programs.  He has an extensive background working with electronic circuits that encompass design of high-speed electronics and provide test solutions for high-speed electronics.  He has worked with compelx circuit boards, backplanes, high-speed ICs, and integrated multi-layer PCBs with blind and buried vias.  He can also relate to non-EEs to have a working understanding of electronics and for EEs to communicate with non-EEs.  He was trained on-site for over 100 sites.  For a complete listing, check out the website ( 

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