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ADJ-450UV UV Inspection Conveyor

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Manufacturer of automated machinery for selective conformal coating, fluid dispensing, plasma treatment, assembly machines, and complete factory process line solutions.

Freemont, California, USA


  • Phone 1-510-270-8648

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ADJ-450UV UV Inspection Conveyor

ADJ-450UV UV Inspection Conveyor


ADJ-450UV UV Inspection Conveyor


Board Handling - Conveyors

Offered by:

Anda Automation Pte Ltd

ADJ-450UV UV Inspection Conveyor Description:

UV Inspection Station allows manual/visual inspection of conformally coating circuit assemblies. Pass-Thru and Inspect modes. Also serves as a linking/buffering conveyor. 450mm maximum conveyor width, 5 meter per minute maximum conveyor speed.

Standard Features:

  • Manual Conveyor Width Adjustment
  • Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Rail
  • Chain Transfer
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Board Handling Inport/Output Sensor
  • SMEMA Communication Port
  • Onboard Conveyor Control Pad

ANDA Board Handling Conveyors are ideal for a wide range of PCB handling applications and can optimize Work-In-Progress (WIP) material flow during Assembly, Coating, Dispensing and other processes. Automate and/or Customize your PCB assembly line with board conveyors, PCB loaders and unloaders, inspection conveyors, turn conveyors, flippers, inverters and more. We manufacture standard and custom board handling conveyors to improve and automate PCB assembly processes.

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