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router depaneling system

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router depaneling system

router depaneling system


router depaneling system



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ASCEN Technology

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automatic PCB router machine|router depaneling system|PCB separator

router depaneling system is used to depanel PCB’s using a programmable router. PCB router separator include a high speed spindle, dust collection system and a one-touch model changeover for program change and jig change. The machine is usually imported with one or two jigs and ten router bits. In addition to the classification of the machine, 

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router depaneling system takes a multiple module printed circuit board and cuts out (depanels) individual printed circuit boards leaving a scrap frame. you request the classification of the jigs and bits when imported separately and when imported with the PCB separator.


1,Programming using a user-friendly teaching pendant with large. No need to learn complicated programming languages.

Vacuum system for Down Vac version sits under the board support fixture for removing debris and dust.

2,50,000 rpm spindle motor

3,Repeatable accuracy ±.01mm

4,With 2 models available up to a work area of 650mm x 450mm

5,Store up to 100 programs or 6000 work points on the memory card resident in the router.

6,ASCEN will design and build your fixtures

7,For in-line applications, a floor type PCB routing system is available


1 Drive system Motor: servo / stepper motors
2 Spindle: Domestic spindle
3 Cutting performance: 500mm / s
4 Drive System Repeatability: ± 0.02mm
5 PCB router cutting robot cutting speed: max 100mm / S depends on circuit board materials and cutting quality
6 Resolution: ± 0.01mm
7 Configuration: X, Y, Z axis, stroke: 300 * 300 * 100mm, stroke can also be customized.
8 Repeatability: <0.1mm, straight lines and curves on the contours

9 PCB positioning: special or standard fixtures
10. Handling method: manually
11 PCB thickness: 0.4mm-4mm
12 Security Settings: machine emergency stop switch, emergency stop switch spindle, spindle motor servo motor overheating and overload detection
13 Spindle motor:
Power: 0.5 kilowatts,Maximum speed: 60,000 rev / min, Cooling: Air Cooled
14 router depaneling system size: 650 * 550 * 615mm
15 Weight: 73KG

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