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ELECTROVERT Aquastorm 50 Batch PCB Cleaner

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ITW EAE is a manufacturer of equipment used in the electronic assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together world-class products from Camalot, Despatch, Electrovert, MPM, and Vitronics Soltec.

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ELECTROVERT Aquastorm 50 Batch PCB Cleaner

ELECTROVERT Aquastorm 50 Batch PCB Cleaner


ELECTROVERT Aquastorm 50 Batch PCB Cleaner


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ELECTROVERT Aquastorm 50 Batch PCB Cleaner Description:

Aquastorm 50 Batch Cleaner

In-line technologies in a batch footprint.

Today’s challenges for PCB manufacturers hinge on high density, increasing complexity, and miniaturization.  Manufacturers who currently clean with batch-type cleaners are looking for a solution that will increase cleaning capability without moving to an in-line cleaner.  The Aquastorm 50 batch cleaner utilizes technologies that are common to the Aquastorm 100 and 200 in-line PCB cleaning machines but are offered in a batch footprint.

Patent Pending Fluid Delivery System

The objective of a mechanical fluid deliver system is to clean under difficult, low stand-off components by maximizing the physical energy delivered at the surface of the area to be cleaned.  The Aquastorm 50 wash fluid delivery system utilizes multiple Jet Impact Cleaning (JIC) sprays that creates a web of omni-directional dynamic energy to remove flux residue.  The web (or storm) of mechanical fluid energy that is created delivers the dynamic energy required to achieve higher product reliability, effectively removing flux residues under the low stand-off components.

Drying Performance

Torrid Zone drying has set the industry benchmark for drying with in-line cleaners, and is a standard feature on the Aquastorm 50.  Electrovert’s patented convection drying technologies for cleaning applications deliver a controlled dynamic process that effectively removes moisture from the PCB. Typical performance includes drying complex assemblies to within .1g of prewash weight.

Durable Design

The Electrovert brand name holds the reputation of having the ‘longest product life cycle’ within the electronic production equipment industry, including the Aquastorm 50.  While typical batch cleaners are modified version of residential dishwashers, the Aquastorm 50 utilizes field-proven technologies that are common across the Aquastorm in-line cleaners, including fluid delivery and pump designs and drying technologies.

Advanced User Interface

The Aquastorm 50 software features an advanced user interface that utilizes a 533 mm (21 inches) touch screen PC with the Windows® 7 operating system.  All machine operation parameters are easily viewed to optimize the machine and process controls.

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