RFID Cable Tie

RFID Cable Tie

RFID Cable Tie


RFID Cable Tie


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RFID Cable Tie Description:

Specifications of RFID Cable tie

RFID-enabled Cable ties are ideally for assets tracking and management. It’s good for smart identification by a long distance.

Cable Tie complete with LF (125Khz), High Frequency (13.56MHz) Non-contact reading, reading distance:1-10cm, UHF, the reading distance can be 2-3m. You don’t need to touch the tracking objects.
RFID Cable can be customized size, chip, material, print logo, barcode, serial number.
Cable ties with chip suitable to tracking tie up products.

The benefits of RFID Cable Tie:

1, RFID cable tie provides an innovative solution for product identification and
management in rapid and clear ways.

2, The nylon RFID cable tie is equipped with an RFID transponder. Therefore combine the numerous advantages of a regular cable tie with RFID technology.

3, RFID Cable Tie help you find the goods without open bags, containers, boxes in seconds, keeping the record in a safe way.

4, Our RFID Cable Ties have tested in many different industrial especially suited for securing, serialization, tracking and identification of products. In the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution, and rental services. As well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routines.

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