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South Electronics is a leading authorized distributor of industrial and commercial electronic components. Our supply chain links top-tier component manufacturers to OEMs, CMs and Repair facilities worldwide.

Dothan, Alabama, USA

Distributor, Manufacturer's Representative, Other

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CalChip Electronics Inc

CalChip Electronics Inc


CalChip Electronics Inc



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South Electronics

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Cal-Chip Electronics Inc is a leading manufacturer of surface mounted electronic devices. including ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and stacked PPS film capacitors. Resistors, such as thick and thin film chip resistors, and thick film chip resistor arrays. inductors, including multilayer chip inductors, high frequency multilayer chip inductors, molded chip wire wound inductors, and miniature chip open-type inductors; as well as electrolytics and ferrite beads. Cal-Chip also provides chip, RGB, side view, flash, and PLCC top LED products for various applications.

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