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Trusted EMS Manufacturer, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS, REACH Cheap PCB Assembly, No MOQ, Min Device 01005 HDI PCB from 4-20 Layers, Anylayer Build-up, BGA 0.25mm Quickturn Delivery Supported by 3 Plants

Shenzhen, China

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PCB Design

PCB Design


PCB Design


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Pinsheng Electronics Co.,Ltd

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PCB Design

PS electronics provides PCB layout design services, as the supplement to our manufacturing and PCB assembly.

  • High-speed digital circuits (video, audio, storage, etc.),
  • High-power circuits (LEDs, power supplies, etc.),
  • High-density interconnect circuits (smartphones, digital products, etc.),
  • High-frequency circuits (communication devices, sensors, etc.), etc.

Experienced Teams

  • Focusing on stability and long-term benefits in design, keeping up with the latest technologies and the updates of design platforms, which will avoid inefficient layouts and incompatibilities. 
  • Taking into account the fluctuations in the component market and the ever-smaller size requirements, our design team works closely with the procurement teams in own PCB factory to provide the most forward-thinking solutions in the early stages of design, which will significantly reduce the time it takes to bring the product to market. 
  • PCB layout design team have already got extensive board design experience, we will not make the revision, again and again, everything is done in our mature DFM process and get through rigorously verified, which will reduce a lot of unnecessary revision expenses for the customers.

Available Platforms

Altium Cadence OrCAD PADS

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