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Sinic-Tek Intelligent Electronic Shelf

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The Art of the stencil printing process is made up many variables. Controlling those variables through dedicated DOE and SPI monitoring will guarantee a yield improvement strategy you can take to the bank!

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Sinic-Tek Intelligent Electronic Shelf

Sinic-Tek Intelligent Electronic Shelf


Sinic-Tek Intelligent Electronic Shelf



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ShenZhen Sinic-Tek Vision Technology Limited


Sinic-Tek Intelligent Electronic Shelf Description:

Features and parameter of our product:
Simple Management

l Reduce manpower and improve efficiency

l System control FIFO

l No special skill requirement

Efficiency improvement

l Increased space utilization by 300%

l Material stock speed increased by 50%, pickup material speed increased by 80%

Personnel Skills

l Staff skills without any requirement

l Staff flow without any effect

Location Reminder

l Alarm light to remind the shelf position

l LED lights to remind the tray storage location

Actual control logic of electronic material


1.There is LED light on the rack, each LED light corresponding to a storage

2.Binding material roll with storage,and put on the corresponding storage

3.Prepare material according to work order and light will be ON based on Datecode FIFO

4.Warehouse staff pickup material according to light and put into material car

5.Distribution according to material car and release binding

6.LED lights in 7 colors, and distribution 7 sets of work order at the same time 

Electronic material storage


1.Push material car to the shelf

2.If there is free storage,use PDA scan material roll and Reel NO. to binding,while the storage light flash.

3.Put the tray into the flashing storage.

4.Repeat above steps to continue feeding, feeding and distribution process can be done at the same time.

Electronic material preparation


1. Workers prepare material according to work order.

2.The light of shelf will flash based on FIFO rules.

3.Pickup material according to the light

4.Distribution according to work order and the storage light will OFF. 

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