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Low Volume Piston Dispenser - DosPL DPL2001

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Specializes in automated metering & dispensing solutions, supplier of resin metering systems, global expert in production and process automation, vacuum dispensing production systems, and systems for dispensing of abrasive media.

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA


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Low Volume Piston Dispenser - DosPL DPL2001

Low Volume Piston Dispenser - DosPL DPL2001


Low Volume Piston Dispenser - DosPL DPL2001



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Scheugenpflug Inc.


Low Volume Piston Dispenser - DosPL DPL2001 Description:

The Allround Solution for Low Volume Applications

Whether bonding, sealing, filling or heat dispensing, their simple, robust design makes piston dispensers the systems of choice for many different tasks. They also cover a wide range of materials: In addition to very liquid adhesives, sealants and potting materials, piston dispensers are also suitable for highly viscous and/or filled as well as highly abrasive materials.

The DosPL DPL2001 can be used to dispense extremely small volumes down to a few μl. This means that dot sizes smaller than the head of a pin can be dispensed precisely. At the same time, the maximum cylinder filling of up to 4 ml with 2C materials ensures maximum flexibility. The DosPL DPL2001 is based on Advanced Low Volume Dispensing technology, which makes it the right choice for a wide range of smaller component designs and applications.

The volumetric piston dispensing principle, in combination with the advanced sensor technology, ensures highest precision and process reliability during dispensing. The smallest dots and thinnest lines as well as accurate micro-fillings can thus be reliably performed. High dispensing speeds and extended service lives contribute to maximum efficiency in fully automated production environments. Low volume dispensing is always the result of a sensible combination of innovative detailed solutions and process know-how.

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