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High speed dispensing system VCTA-DS100

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High speed dispensing system VCTA-DS100

High speed dispensing system VCTA-DS100


High speed dispensing system VCTA-DS100


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ZhenHuaXing Technology(ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd

High speed dispensing system VCTA-DS100 Description:

Can be customized online or offline according to customer requirements

Advantage characteristics

Mechanized production instead of the traditional manual dispensing.

Mature three-axis mechanism to make the device more accurate and stable positioning.

Equipped with precision dispensing system, precise control the amount of glue.

The machine using the most advanced piezoelectric jet dispensing , glue evenly, jet dispensing  fast.

Structural design ergonomic, simple operation interface, easy to operate.

Suitable for a variety of products, switching flexible and convenient.

Application function:CCM、Fingerprint identification、Underfill、Encapsulation、FPC、

Applicable fluid dispensing, for example: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY, white glue, EMI conductive glue, SILICON, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat paste, , transparent paint, screw fixatives and so on.

Application areas: mobile phone, computer shell, CD player, printer, ink clip, PC board, LCD, LED, DVD, digital camera, switch, connector, relay, radiator, semiconductor and other electronics industry, or communicate with other SMT equipment fast dispensing /coating, clock, toy industry, medical equipment and other products need liquid dispensing.


Specifications of VCTA –DS100



Motion System

One set conveyor one head

Dispensing area


X & Y speed


X & Y Acceleration


X & Y positional accuracy

≤±0.02mm 3sigma

Repeatability accuracy

≤±0.01mm 3sigma

 Z-axis speed


Z-axis Acceleration


Z-axis positional accuracy

≤±0.02mm 3sigma

Z-axis Repeatability accuracy

≤±0.01mm 3sigma

Vision System

 CCD vision pixels




LED light source:Parallel or coaxial light

Light source color: White, red and blue are optional

Basic configuration

 (L*W*H)):91*104* 160cm

Conveyor height: 900±20mm,meet standard SMT line requirements

Conveying mode:Antistatic flat belt or round belt

Equipment ventilation: Up or down, Back Air for optional

Spray valve type: valve, screw valve, quantitative valve, suction valve, or syringes free configuration

Power supply: AC220V, 10%, single phase 50/60HZ, power consumption 1200W

Air Supply

4-6 bar

Product thickness


Maximum product weight


Minimum work boundary




Control System

System hardware

Industrial computer + Motion card

Operation System

Windows XP


Standard configuration

CCD Visual positioning system

Conveyor move system

Germany Vermes Piezo Valve

Dispensing head automatic vacuum cleaning system

Upgrade configuration

Glue balance calibration system

Laser measurement system

Pneumatic ejector valve, Servo screw valve

Micro quantitative valve

Dispensing head swinging system

Followed LED-UV light source

Glue heating system

Product heating system


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