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New DCS Control Module TC-IAH16I

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New DCS Control Module TC-IAH16I

New DCS Control Module TC-IAH16I


New DCS Control Module TC-IAH16I


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The C300 Controller requires a reference source for time in order to power up and normally operate, but limited controller operation can be achieved in cases where system time is not available. Although the controller can use a number of time sources of varying quality, the preferred time source is a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) operating on another node (as a Time Server) on the local subnet. Connection to the time source is made at controller start up.

The Device Index, in conjunction with the Base IP Address (entered in the System Preferences dialog of Control Builder), gives the controller a unique IP address on the FTE network where the controller resides. The Device Index is manually set by using the three rotary switches located on the controller IOTA. The Device Index is also entered on the controller block configuration form (DEVICEIDX parameter).


Allen Brandley Bently Nevada ICS Triplex  Honeywell
1769-ARM 3300/35-05-02-01-00-00 ICS Triplex T8444 620-0057
1747-L20D 136711-02 ICS Triplex TC21202 620-1532
2711-K6C15L1 126648-02 ICS Triplex TC30102 10303/1/1
1791-IOVW 330180-X1-05 ICS Triplex T8433C TK-OAV061
1734D-IB8XOB8E/A 1900/65A ICS Triplex TC30401 8C-PAINA1
2711-T10C8L1/B 3500/60 133843-01 ICS Triplex T8842C 621-0008
1785-LTR2 3500/42M 147034-02  ICS Triplex TC50102 10006/2/1-08803
1771-IL/B 3500/40 125680-01 ICS Triplex T8800C RM7840L1075
1786-RPA 47042 308 EL30 ICS Triplex T8293C RM7840G1014
2711-T10C15L1 3300/16-02-01-02-01-00-00 ICS Triplex T9300 900PSM-0101
1769-L32E/B 3300/50-02-02-00-00 ICS Triplex T8471C 620-0023
2711P-B10C6D1 3500/20 ICS Triplex TC31302 51304084-125
1769-ARM/A 330180-91-00 ICS Triplex T8120C FS-16DI-RL
1775-L4 136719-01 ICS Triplex T8846C 900G02-0102
1785-L20C15 3300/16-14-01-01-00-00-00 ICS Triplex TC30802 621-9940C
1794-TB2 330180-91-05 ICS Triplex TC50702 51155506-110

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