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Emerson Ovation Module 5A22727G02 EX06008

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Emerson Ovation Module 5A22727G02 EX06008

Emerson Ovation Module 5A22727G02 EX06008


Emerson Ovation Module 5A22727G02 EX06008


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Unik You
+86 18030205725


Brand/Manufacturer: Emerson; Ovation
Origin Country: USA
Condition: New in Stock
Warranty: 12 months
Service: Worldwide


Ovation Module Features • Ovation I/O is available in both remote and local configurations. • Modular, “plug-in” components. • Quick installation and configuration of the modules. • DIN Rail mounting of the I/O Base Units. • Wiring schematic labels are provided on Personality modules and foam inserts. • Wiring directions (Normally Closed, Normally Open, Common) are provided on the Base Unit for Relay Output modules. • Writeable surface labels are provided on Electronics modules so that up to 16 point names can be identified on each label. The labels on the Personality and Electronics modules are color-coded to match the appropriate modules. • Unique base unit interconnection scheme eliminates most power and communications wiring. • Module style, group, serial number, and revision are stored electronically on each I/O module. • “Hot swapping” capabilities streamline maintenance (described in “Planning and Installing Your Ovation System”U3-1000 for FDDI and U3-1005 for Fast Ethernet). • Status indicators that display standardized diagnostic LED color codes. • Up to 128 Local Ovation module units per Controller. • Up to 1024 Remote Ovation module units per Controller. • Base Unit common to all Standard I/O modules. • Two Base Unit styles (G2R and KUEP) are available for Relay Output modules. • Testpoint/probe holder on each field terminal of standard I/O Base Units. • Built-in spare fuse holders and wire strip gauge in standard I/O Base Units. • Most modules are CE Mark compliant.


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