New DCS Module HIMA Z6011

New DCS Module HIMA Z6011

New DCS Module HIMA Z6011


New DCS Module HIMA Z6011


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New DCS Module HIMA Z6011 Description:

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The HIMatrix F35 012 model variant is intended for subsea-use according to ISO 13628 Part 6: Subsea production control systems. The electronic components are coated with a protective lacquer. The enclosure of the controller is made of V2A stainless steel. The controller is intend for mounting on a mounting plate. The enclosure is equipped with a massive aluminum plate, see Figure 8. Figure 9 specifies the centre hole distances. 

In the Hardware Editor, the controller is represented like a base plate equipped with the following modules: ƒ Processor module (CPU) ƒ Communication module (COM) ƒ Output module (DO 8) ƒ Counter module (HSC 2) ƒ Input module (MI 24/8) 

Each analog input of the F35 has a separated supply output that is supplied by a common AI power source. The supply voltage lies between 26.7 V and 27.3 V. For monitoring purposes, the used supply outputs (S1...S8) must be connected in parallel and evaluated with a digital input. The evaluation of the digital input is analog and must be configured accordingly. 


Allen Brandley Ovation EPRO GE Fanuc
1784-U2DHP/A 5X00461G02 pr6423 / 00r-031 IC200PWR101H
2711P-K4M20D/A 2827A47H01 PR6423/015-010 A16B-3200-0040
1747-L552/D 4D33811G01 PR6423-0R-010-CN A16B-3200-0362/06A
2711-B6C20L1/B 2840A21G03 PR6423/046-110 IC610MDL129A
1756-DMF30 5A23321G09 PR6425/010-130 IS210AEBIH1B IS210AEBIH1BED
1606-XL240E-3 405A616H02 PR6423/013-000 A16B-2200-0320/06A
2711-TC1 3A99597G02 PR6423/209-110 QPJ-1D100-S2P
2711P-T7C4D8K/A 772B216G17 PR6426/010-010 IC660BBA021
1746-A2 5X00462G05 PR6423/040-110 A06B-6047-H002
2711P-B12C15A6 4256A64G03 PR6423/021-110 VMIVME-2540-200000
1746-HT 1X00625H14 PR6423/085-110 IC610MDL155A
1768-ENBT 7381A06G01 PR6423/171-110 IC694MDL240
1756-EN2F/B 5X00044G01 PR6423/109-110 A16B-1211-0062/08B
1762-IT4/A 406A066H02 PR6423/194-110 IC693MDL655F
1771-IAD 405A379H02 PR6423/201-110 A20B-1003-0760/03A
2711P-T12C6A1/A 2840A19G02 PR6424/000-100 IC660BBD101
1794-ASB/D 772B388G22 PR6423/108-110 IS200TBCIH1BBC IS200TBCIH1B

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