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Semiconductor Test Equipment

Semiconductor Test Equipment


Semiconductor Test Equipment


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Probe card manufacturing need the semiconductor test equipment. When we designed the thermal testing equipment, Only some commonly used test items are packaged into the IC tester, and the logic function of the verification chip is implemented in a fixed test mode. But as chip products diversify, Some thermal inducing system can no longer do it alone, For example, some chips have random codes, After the random code is obtained, the encryption algorithm is run, The instructions to the chip can then be calculated.

Why the probe card manufacturing need semiconductor test equipment ? In recent years, Semiconductor probes manufacturing technology has advanced rapidly. Products are thin and short, IC volume is getting smaller, But functions are getting stronger, more feet, In order to reduce the area occupied by chip packaging and improve IC efficiency. Nowadays, Flip Chip packaging is widely used in graphics chips, chipsets, memory and CPU.

Meanwhile, the instructions of different IC chips are different, As a result, the fixed test mode of the existing probe card manufacturer cannot realize good adaptability. The unit price of high – order packaging is high, If the chip can be tested before packaging, When a defective product is found in the wafer, it is marked. Remove these marked defective items until the end of the packaging process, Then you can save unnecessary packaging costs.

Semiconductor Test Equipment for Probe Card Manufacturing

Semiconductor Test Equipment for Probe Card Manufacturing

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