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Thermal Forcing System

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Thermal Forcing System

Thermal Forcing System


Thermal Forcing System


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Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Thermal Forcing System Description:

There are many good thermal forcing system manufacturers such as inTEST thermal solutions from United States, MPI Corporation from Taiwan, and Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. from China mainland. They all have good reputations and research the thermal forcing system for many years !

Compare with the inTEST thermal solutions and MPI Corporation thermal forcing system, Wewon Tech’s thermal stream temperature test system paid 50% cost more and equip the additional filter unit to clean and dry the compressed gas in customer’s local place. Because each customer’s local compressed gas keeps different quality level, and many of them have the poor quality gas, high oil content, dust and moisture inside. Even this is not the responsibility what Wewon have to, But we know that we can do more for our customers.

The thermal forcing system used for all kinds of semiconductor chips, Flash, EMMC, PCB, IC optical communication (such as high and low temperature test for transceiver, rapidly temperature test for SFP optical module, etc), electronic industry to carry out IC characteristic analysis, high and low temperature cycle test, temperature impact test, failure analysis and other reliability tests.

Thermal Forcing System – Thermal Stream Temperature Test System

Thermal Forcing System – Thermal Stream Temperature Test System

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