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Momentum is designed to provide efficiency and speed. With its triple track conveyor rails and servo drive motors, for example, the Momentum Elite model orders the highest performance capacity in the series, making it the ideal printer for high volume assembly lines.

Maximum Board Size (X x Y): 609.6 mm x 508 mm (24” x 20”).

Minimum Board Size (X x Y): 0.2mm (0.008") to 5.0mm (0.20”), up to 6.0 mm (0.24”) without top clamp foils.

Maximum Board Weight: 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs).

Magnetic pins Optional Gel-Flex, vacuum pins, support blocks, patented auto-tooling or Grid-Lok

Print Speed: Up to 305 mm/sec (12.0"/sec)

Stencil Frame Size: 737 mm x 737 mm (29" x 29") Adapters available for smaller sizes

Fiducial Types: Standard shape fiducials (see SMEMA standards), pad/aperture

Camera System: Single digital camera MPM patented look up/down vision

Cycle Time: 9 seconds standard

Power Requirements: 200 to 240 VAC (±10%) single phase @ 50/60Hz, 15 A

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We are a global electronics manufacturing Solutions provider ....Our company supplies new and used SMT equipment, spare parts, consumibles, ESD supplies and services to a wide range of EMS companies.

Jalisco, Jalisco, Mexico

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  • Phone 523316044491

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