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Depanelizer Equipment and Tools For Electronic Assembly. PCB Racks and Trays. Wire Crimp Press and Tooling.

Millis, Massachusetts, USA


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Pneumatic Nibbler for singulating multiple tabs of a tab Routed PCB

Feb 17, 2022 | Cleanly and easily separate a row of up to 10 tabs without dust. Singulating tab routed printed circuit cards in low to medium volume production quantities is safe and easy with the N115 Nibbler from FKN Systek. Two sharp support blades on either side of the tab help cleanly slice the PCBs from the tabs.

N115 Nibbler for singulating multiple in line tabs.

Economical Benchtop Depaneling Router

Sep 08, 2021 | Singulating low volume tab routed PCBs to strict military specifications requires the right tool for the job. Now, with the benchtop PCB depaneling router from FKN Systek, applications requiring routing rather than punching are easily taken care of. This machine is also useful as a backup to high-speed programmable routers for short runs, and for separating thick back planes which cannot be singulated by other means.

R100 Router with Tooling

Depaneling Saws for Low Stress PCB Singulation

Jul 01, 2020 | For high precision low stress PCB singulation of panels with sensitive components near the parting edge, and with the smooth edge finish required by military specifications or by packaging considerations, using a Diamond Blade Saw beats routing for speed and for blade life. The saw blade, a 2.95" (75mm) diameter .021" thick diamond coated cutting disk, provides a low-stress, ultra smooth edge finish for separting panelized Printed Circuit Cards. ts which overhang the parting line will remain intact.

Long Lasting Diamond Blades For PCB Depaneling

PCB Work Holding Trays L shaped

Sep 13, 2019 | L Shaped and flat rack trays hold 30 and 25 boards.

FKN Systek, Inc. --- 3 Blade N100 Nibbler


N100 Nibbler & Blades

Custom Crimp Dies for FKN C200 Pneumatic Press

Apr 23, 2019 | Speed up your wire crimp process with the right tools. Quick and Convenient Wire Crimping with this portable bench top unit . A custom 2 position die made to specifications speeds up the production process for this double barrel connector housing. The housing with 2 barrel contacts is placed into the tooling nest, and one AWG 4 wire is placed into each contact. Stepping on the pneumatic foot pedal crimps both wires and contacts at the same time.

Double Position Crimp Dies and Tooling Nest

Quick Adjust PCB Racks

Jun 14, 2018 | Now available from FKN Systek, Stackable PCB Transport and Storage Racks made of conductive material for safe and convenient handling of Printed Circuit Cards during assembly. These Racks will hold up to 50 PCBs from 2” to 9.8” (5 to 25 cm) wide. Racks are made of conductive plastic temperature rated to 176 O F, Surface resistance <10 6

F9001 Quick Adjust PCB Rack

Singulating Pre-Scored PCB Panels up to 48”Long

Jul 18, 2017 | Depanelizing skip routed PCB panels up to 48" long is made simple and easy with FKN Systek’s K4000 PCB singulator. Just place the bottom scoreline of the PCB onto the linear blade and step on a guarded foot switch to bring the circular blade across the top scoreline for clean separation of the PCB panels. Right and left blade guards assure operator safety. The front and back support and take up table are height adjustable.

K4000L 24

Low Cost Nibbler for Singulating Tab Routed Boards

Jan 25, 2017 | Singulating tab routed printed circuit cards in low to medium volume production quantities is safe and easy with the N100 Nibbler from FKN Systek. Blades are available in standard thicknesses of .120”, .093” and .062”. Custom sizes to match the width of the routed section can be ground. Tabs are cut cleanly on each side so that no further clean up is required to remove excess material, as is often the case when using hand tools or when breaking the panels manually. In addition, since only one tab is cut at a time, minimal stress is imparted to the board during the process as the panel is not pressed between two points during the cut.

K5000 High volume pre-scored PCB Depanelizer for LED light strip at Apex 2017

Jan 13, 2017 | Visit booth 410 at Apex 2017 to see the K5000 singulate multiple pre-scored PCB panels in one pass. Panels up to 10.4" wide can be separated by placing onto an input conveyor to be passed onto the separator blades. This is the ideal system for high volume in-line singulation of LED lighting strips

K5000 In-Line Multiple blade depanelizer

The N200 Punch Singulates Tab Routed PCBs

Nov 17, 2016 | The N200 punch cleanly separates round and odd shaped panels without dust. Available for under $4,000 from FKN Systek, The N200 is a low cost top down air operated punch for singulating tab routed PCB Panels one tab at a time. An upper and lower matching knife blade is used to pinch the tabs apart.

N200 tab routed pcb punch
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