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ASYS Group to Launch New Products at IPC APEX, Booth# 2907

Jan 18, 2013

EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer

EKRA XACT 4 - Compact Screen & Stencil Printer

DIVISIO 1000 Easy Duo Depaneling System

DIVISIO 1000 Easy Duo Depaneling System

ASYS Group will unveil the new DIVISIO 1000 Easy Duo depaneling system and the Simplex™ intuitive user interface for the popular Ekra XACT 4 SI screen and stencil printer in booth# 2907 at the upcoming IPC APEX Exhibition in San Diego, CA.

The DIVISIO 1000 Easy Duo is the ideal machine for low-stress, automatic PCB depaneling applications. The machine design includes two loading drawers, linear motor gantries and a host of standard features including a camera system, fiducial recognition and camera assisted program generation. ASYS will also display the DIVISIO 2000 ERGO Router with the automatic magnetic tooling set-up function.

The EKRA XACT 4 SI stencil printer, already widely preferred by contract and captive manufacturers for its combination of superior performance, high reliability and value, will receive the revolutionary Simplex ™ touchscreen user interface further increasing the speed and ease of set-up across EKRA printer platforms. The XACT 4 SI will be displayed with clear plexiglass covers, giving visitors a clear view of the latest EKRA technology contained in the machine. ASYS will also hold live printing demonstrations of 01005 feature sizes on the state-of-the art X5 Profesional printer, and will feature the value-oriented XACT 3 stencil printer as well.

Additionally, the INSIGNUM 2000 and INSIGNUM 4000 Laser Markers will also be shown, along with a selection of ASYS Handling machines, demonstrating popular Marking Island configurations. The ASYS laser markers ability to mark multi-up boards at high speeds with Text, Barcodes and DMC Codes, all on the surface of the solder mask, make them ideal for today’s demanding marking applications. Live laser marking demonstrations will also be held on the INSIGNUM 4000.

ASYS Group is a provider of high quality manufacturing equipment for the Electronic, Hybrid and Photovoltaic industries. The product range includes SMD Board Handling, Marking Systems (Laser/Label), Depaneling Systems (In-/Offline), Final Assembly and EKRA Screen Printers for the SMT, Semi-Pack, Solar, and Hybrid markets.

Please contact us to learn more about ASYS and EKRA products via phone (+1) 770 246 9706, mail at 140 Satellite Boulevard NE, Suite B1, Suwanee, GA 30024, or at on the web.

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