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Record Circuits is a full service circuit board manufacturing company with 30 years experience. We manufacture thru-hole assembly to surface mount assembly and everything in between. »»

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Potting and Encapsulation

We offer many different types of circuit board protection. Our staff can seal a single component that tends to be more temperamental than most or we can cover the entire board with product to keep out the worst that nature has to offer. This process is perfect for applications where your boards w...

Potting and Encapsulation

Fabrication Services

PCB Assembly

Surface mount assembly (SMT) Thru hole device (THD) Surface mount plus Thru hole (SMT+THD) Lead and Lead free construction Cable construction Conformal Coating Potting Epoxy / Resin encapsulation 3D Encapsulation ...

PCB Assembly

Assembly Services

IPC Certification Training Schedule

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines