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With more than 30 years of experience and 4,000 systems deployed, CheckSum meets the needs of the global electronics industry. CheckSum provides turnkey full-service solutions: test systems, fixtures and programs. »»

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CheckSum’s patented MultiWriter™ technology can program up to 384 serial flash devices in parallel. MultiWriter™ is available in a variety of platforms:...

Component Programming

!LS-3000 Fully Automated In-Line Test System

CheckSum ILS-3000 In-Line Test SystemPowerful, Flexible and Proven production test systemthat supports the complete suite of CheckSum’s testcapabilities for ICT, ISP and PFT (Parallel FunctionalTesting). Designed for in-line high volume parallel PCBApanel testi...

!LS-3000 Fully Automated In-Line Test System

Test Equipment


CheckSum 12KN O-Line Test SystemPowerful test system that supports the completesuite of CheckSum’s test capabilities for ICT, ISPand PFT (Parallel Functional Testing). Designedfor high volume PCBA panel testingapplications....


Test Equipment

Comprehensive Analytical Services and Support

Inline Cleaning Machine Hydro-clean Array