Thermal Curing of Conformal Coatings


July 27, 2015


Wes Noble


When it comes to the application of conformal coating, curing the coating plays a key role in the circuit assembly and selective conformal coating process. Curing conformal coating occurs after the coating spray/dispense process is complete. The coating is considered “cured” when the conformal coating on the circuit assembly is sufficiently tack-free to be handled. Curing can sometimes be accomplished at room temperature but takes a considerable amount of time to dry. Accelerated conformal coating curing decreases this drying period, the cure process reaches either the tack-free or a fully dried state but not quite having fully cured properties. Accelerated curing techniques include one or a combination of heat, moisture, UV light, and chemical reaction curing. This article focuses primarily on thermal or heat curing....

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Manufacturer of Fluid Dispensing Equipment for Selective Conformal Coating, Potting, Encasulation & Underfill including Inspection, Conveying and Curing. Total Solution Fluid Dispensing & Conformal Cocating Process Lines.

Deer Park, Washington, USA


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