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ZBTECH is RFID Tags & Card manufacturer in China, with skilled workers and experienced team, feel appreciated give you some help in RFID & CARD. »»

Headquarters: shenzhen, China


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Magnetic Stripe Card

Magnetic stripes are black, brown, silver, gold stripes you can see on the back of credit cards. Printed magnetic stripe cards usually for access control, identification cards, gift cards, discount cards, magnetic stripe ID card, and membership cards. There are ...

Magnetic Stripe Card


RFID Cable Tie

Specifications of RFID Cable tie RFID-enabled Cable ties are ideally for assets tracking and management. It’s good for smart identification by a long distance. Cable Tie complete with LF (125Khz), High Frequency (13.56MHz) Non-contact reading, reading distance:1-10cm, ...

RFID Cable Tie

Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

MSD Dry Cabinets

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines